13 May 2023

  • New suite of digital products to be unveiled by Hitachi Rail at leading rail conference, including PTC Onboard System, Railcar Telematics product line and enhancements towards an Intelligent Wayside
  • Industry leading products will allow railroads to optimize and improve efficiency to maximize their investment for the long-term
  • Unveiling of new products in line with Hitachi Rail’s broader strategy to support customers in optimizing their systems and assets through digital technology

Hitachi Rail is launching new innovations and product improvements at the upcoming 2022 Railway Systems Supplies, Inc. (RSSI) Communication & Signaling (C&S) exhibition in Kansas City, Missouri on May 16th, 17th and 18th. The company will be demonstrating digital solutions for freight and passenger rail to help railroads maximize their investment for the long-term.

Hitachi Rail will be launching several new innovations in the areas of Automation and Digitalization, which include PTC Onboard (Positive Train Control), Railcar Telematics, and dispatching systems. As part of its vision for an Intelligent Wayside, Hitachi continues to invest in integrating digital capabilities within its core signaling products. The added capability allows customers to improve operational performance and maintenance activities through deploying technological innovation.

Hitachi Rail announces the launch of its PTC Onboard System, as an Interoperable Train Control (ITC) solution for freight railroads and commuter rail operators. The technology platform utilizes a modern, multiprocessor architecture to run both vital (SIL-4) and non-vital applications, and it leverages the decades of onboard train control experience from prior Hitachi Rail platforms.

Miles Metschke, Head of Freight Rail, Hitachi Rail, North America, stated, “The Hitachi Rail platform allows railroads to upgrade their existing PTC systems today. We have also planned for the future of train control by including additional expansion capabilities, which allows railroads to maximize their investment for the long-term.”

Hitachi Rail will also launch its digital Railcar Telematics product suite to provide GPS tracking and operational status of railcars. An exclusive partnership with Intermodal Telematics establishes Hitachi Rail’s full suite of railcar telematics products, which complements its existing product portfolio from the acquisition of Perpetuum in 2021.

“We are very excited to be bringing our new railcar monitoring solution to North America with our partner, Intermodal Telematics. The combined products, software, and capabilities of both companies creates a best in class solution for railcar owners, rail shippers and railroads,” added Miles Metschke.

Hitachi Rail has made enhancements to several of its core signaling products to integrate digital capabilities in its vision to move towards an Intelligent Wayside.

  • In M3/M23 switch machines, the Intelligent Electronic Circuit Controller (IECC®) has been updated with improvements for remote monitoring and diagnostics.
  • Hitachi Rail’s switch machines have been upgraded to enhance maintenance activities – by making it faster and simpler to performing tests and inspections.
  • The improved Model 95-E gate crossing mechanism – featuring a new electronic control module and dustless motor technology that significantly reduces maintenance costs.
  • For the MicroLok II platform, new EasyRail® Design and Simulation tools have been launched to simplify the building and testing of vital and non-vital applications.
  • EasyRail® Maintainer is a remote monitoring and diagnostics application for the MicroLok II platform, which provides advanced analytics over wayside data.
  • The MicroLok II platform also includes the ViPro® vital processor for vital and non-vital wayside signaling and PTC applications – which combines core train control capabilities with next generation communications, monitoring and analytics.

Joseph Pozza, President of Hitachi Rail, North America, said,We are proud of our core products for communication and signaling that are installed across North America. We continue to invest in new digital technologies to provide our customers with modern capabilities to better operate and maintain their rail network. Through these lasting partnerships we will continue to innovate and provide more efficient and safer railways.”


Notes to the editors:

Hitachi Rail is exhibiting at Rail Systems Supplies exhibition being held Kansas City, Missouri from May 16th – 18th, 2022.

For customer enquiries, please contact Miles Metschke, Head of Freight Rail – Americas, +1 412 735 2911 or miles.metschke@hitachirail.com.

For media enquiries, please contact Adam Love on +1 (412) 688-2912 or Adam.love@hitachirail.com.

About Hitachi Rail: Hitachi Rail is a fully integrated, global provider of rail solutions across rolling stock, signalling, service & maintenance, digital technology and turnkey solutions. With a presence in 38 countries across six continents and over 12,000 employees, our mission is to contribute to society through the continuous development of superior rail transport solutions. We are proud of our global achievements, from our world ­famous ‘bullet trains’, to our signalling solutions and turnkey projects, state­-of-the-art traffic management and digital solutions. Drawing on the wider Hitachi Group’s market-leading technology and research-and-development capabilities, we strive for industry leading innovations and solutions that can deliver value for customers and sustainable railway systems that benefit wider society. For information about Hitachi Rail, visit www.hitachirail.com